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Worried About Quality Control? 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Call Recording


We’ve all heard it when calling into a business: ‘This call may be recorded for quality assurance.’ When calls are recorded, a new level of professionalism and reassurance is obtained. Modern businesses today are not only concerned with the quality of communication taking place between their employees and customers, but also the threats and liabilities that their business is susceptible to on a daily basis. Thanks to call recording software, your company now has a tangible method for implementing communication and training best practices, as well as obtaining the necessary protection to maintain a sustainable, thriving business.

Here are some important reasons your business should record phone calls.

Reduce Your Company’s Liabilities

Every business faces the possibility of lawsuits; unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Customer disputes often transpire from a miscommunication of some sort and can result in costly lawsuits where it is difficult to decipher who is at fault. Corporations, especially ones with contact centers, and their employees can be held liable in these circumstances, and no matter the outcome, the cost can be exorbitant. Fortunately, there are proactive measures that can be taken and services like Broadview’s OfficeSuite Call Recording reduces your company’s liability and offers the added protection you need from potential lawsuits. By recording phone calls, you have a record of every occurrence. Recorded evidence can be beneficial in defusing customer disputes before they escalate into costly lawsuits. And, if the case were to go to trial, the recording would be a valuable asset for your legal team and could be admissible in court as evidence.

Maintain Quality Control and Evaluate Employee Performance

Having the ability to listen to and monitor both current and past call recordings provides supervisors and managers with a huge advantage and allows you to obtain more control over the quality of your employee’s interactions with your customers. The recordings can be assessed with one click of a button, so you can get a more accurate assessment of how calls are handled in their natural context, without the employee’s knowledge. OfficeSuite® Call Recording software for PC allows you to filter and search past recordings based upon a variety of criteria including: inbound caller ID, outbound dialed number, extension recorded, date and time, etc. Since all the recordings are stored in the cloud and accessible online, you can download and listen to them anytime, anywhere. Evaluating employees could not be easier when your automatic call recorder solution includes Evaluation Reports that you can quickly customize and fill out simultaneously while listening to recorded calls

Keep Your Business Secure

With voice recording software in place, you have the ability to ensure that confidential business information is not compromised and can easily detect security problems. You can also monitor employee activity to help reduce any inappropriate conversations that could be detrimental to your business like illegal activity, sexual harassment, or the excessive use of company time for personal phone calls.

Satisfy Regulatory Compliance Standards

There are so many government regulations in place that it is hard to keep up. Compliance is an important concern and requirement for most businesses, especially if you are in the financial, insurance, healthcare or legal sector, where you may be required by law to record all verbal communications. Call Recording and call tracking software, such as OfficeSuite Call Recording, ensures your business complies with these regulations and can prevent you from being fined or prosecuted.

Affordable, Scalable Cloud Storage for Recordings

Storage is a large concern, so make sure the call recording service you choose gives you ample storage, and if it’s hosted in the cloud like ours is, that’s even better! (Broadview’s includes 1 Gig and stores your recordings for up to 30 days for free.) The great part about cloud storage is it’s inexpensive and it’s easy to add more. With OfficeSuite Call Recording, you decide how much storage you need (for example, 1 Gigabyte is about 35 hours) and how long you need to store it for (check the regulations your business must adhere to.)

Improve Employee Training

We all have expectations of how we’d like customer calls to be handled and we do our best to communicate that to our new employees, but by having pre-recorded calls, you have the unique advantage of showing live examples of different circumstances that may arise and the way in which you’d like them to be handled. This allows you to set expectations from the very beginning, as well as create uniformity and best practices for the employees to follow. Training and growth is a continual process and should be ongoing for employees no matter how long they have worked for you. With Call Recording, you are able to share individual employee’s recorded calls, enabling you with the opportunity to address any concerns and continuously improve the quality of your business’ communication.

Make Sure it’s Easy to Manage
Technology for your business is only helpful if you don’t need an IT degree to learn how to use it. Some Call Recording services, including Broadview’s OfficeSuite Call Recording, are very user-friendly while still being robust solutions. (Think inbound and outbound call recording that you specify using an easy-to-use website.) You simply select which phone extensions you’d like to have recorded – simple! If you’re a multi-site business, finding a solution that lets you record calls in one centralized place for all your locations, like Broadview’s does, makes it even easier to manage.

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7 Things Every Customer Portal Should Offer

When it comes to your business’s communications, the interface that you use to manage it can make all of the difference.

Not all customer web portals are created equal. We’ve identified the criteria you should look for in order to achieve the highest level of productivity and the most enjoyable experience.

1. Integrated Technology

Businesses have a plethora of communication services beyond their phone system, like hosted email, online fax, video conferencing software and toll-free services. Gone are the days where you need multiple systems and logins to access and manage them all. Look for a system that is supported by one platform that will centralize all of your services and offer you a single-point of access to everything you need.

2. Intuitive Design

Time is of the essence, so having a customer portal that offers a modern, user-friendly design that is easy to manage for both managers and employees and does not require any IT support will save you time, money and hours of aggravation.

3. Adaptability

Today’s workforce is mobilized. No one can afford to be tied to their desk phones or computers, so the platform to manage your critical business communications needs to match your work style. Your web-based customer portal should be accessible and work the same on each of your devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets, IPads® and desktops.

4. Permission-based Controls

When it comes to your business’s communications, different employees and departments have different functions and levels of authority. Having a customer portal that offers customizable user profiles based on user personas allows administrators to grant employees access to only the features that are applicable to their role.

5.User-Centric Functionality

Simple and fast is what we are all looking for when we manage anything related to our business. Your customer portal should offer user-centric technology like drag and drop capabilities, click-to-dial phone numbers, the ability to upload, listen to and record greetings, pay bills, view call history, listen to voicemail and import contacts, all from one central website.

6. Support

With multiple site locations and communication services, it can be challenging to manage issues and contact support for each of your services. With a modern customer portal, you should have one-click access to contact support, chat live, open and view support tickets, access their online community and view how-to videos and support collateral for each of your services.

7. Collaboration

Many companies have multiple locations and employees that travel, so finding a platform that supports your communication services and can increase your connectivity across sites is a win-win. Features like real-time presence that showcases the availability of each of your coworkers before you contact them and the ability to initiate or join a video conference with just one click, allows your team to collaborate easily no matter where they are.


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Auto-Attendant: What’s the Point?


One of the most highly-praised features of OfficeSuite® Phone – the easy-to-use cloud UC system – is the virtual auto attendant, and as someone who has never used it, you may fail to see the hype. That’s understandable – after all, you could just as easily hire, even outsource, an operator, right?

That may be true, but there are some things that auto attendants offer that operators don’t, so let’s go into detail about that.

Not Just Professionalism – Consistent Professionalism
Everyone has off-days, whether they’re in a bad mood or simply not performing at their maximum potential. Computers, however, do not. Auto attendants follow rules flawlessly, route calls logically, and make sure that all callers get the same experience. Plus, since auto attendants operate on logical routing trees, you can make sure that certain types of calls are prioritized over others if you choose. No one gets the grumpy operator, and no operators get grumpy callers. It streamlines your business, makes sure every call goes where it needs to go, and keeps mistakes out of the mix, delivering you better customer service.

Branding Opportunities
While your callers wait to be re-directed, there’s going to be a radio silence. If you use an auto attendant, though, you can fill that silence with some company branding to promote a new product, inform the caller about useful features, or simply play some good music. All you have to do is have a voiceover recorded if you’d like, or choose the type of music you think your customers might like to hear, and launch it, which can be done right from your computer, smartphone or tablet via the MyOfficeSuite® customer portal. All of these things contribute to the caller’s experience, and ultimately affect their opinion of your brand. You can change them out as often as you like!

Make Use of the Cloud
When you use an auto attendant through your VoIP provider, you’ll make ample use of all the benefits of the cloud. You can integrate your incoming calls with third-party apps such as Salesforce® and other CRMs. Access and monitoring is, in turn, easy to control.

If your power spontaneously goes out, your caller won’t be disconnected since the call is being taken through the cloud. The call can be redirected to a mobile phone to ensure business continuity.

The cloud also allows an auto attendant to direct calls to employees who may be off-site, assuming their phones have been re-routed to wherever they are.

Plus, if you need to make a change to your call routing or hold music, you can do it from anywhere – it’s in the cloud!