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The cloud is the right spot for a real estate phone system

The real estate workforce is mobile by nature – and with current market pressures you need realtors, agents and employees to be fully reachable and highly efficient, even when on the road. A system that unifies all your business communications in the cloud (phone, fax, Internet, and data) is perfect for meeting the demanding needs of realtors and agents working in the field. Watch this video to learn how OfficeSuite instantly mobilizes your team!


Give your realtors their own mobile office

The OfficeSuite® VoIP communications system’s PC Softphone and iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ apps enable your realtors to work from anywhere with the same functionality as they have in the office.With the included Internet fax capability*, they can send and receive faxes on any mobile device.

Instant employee mobility

Calls ring in the office and on a realtor’s mobile device simultaneously when you wish. Even fax contracts and other forms from anywhere.

Any desk, any phone, any office becomes yours

Real estate agents can move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and use any office phone like it is their own – same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail. See how it works by watching the video.

One system for your phone, fax and data needs

With OfficeSuite®, VoIP communications, fax and data services can be consolidated.

Retain clients when agents leave your brokerage

Your clients might be used to calling an agent’s cell phone, not their office – but what happens when an agent leaves? With OfficeSuite®, the phone number your clients call will always stay with your real estate brokerage. See how it’s done!

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