Educational Campuses

Multisite VoIP Communication Solutions

Multiple Campus Locations / Multi-Site

When you’re serving students and faculty that are in and around lots of locations, you need a system that unifies all your communications, increases operational efficiency, doesn’t require a large upfront investment and is easy to administer.


One phone system solution for your entire organization

Enjoy the same features and the same 3 or 4-digit dialing at each of your sites, so that calling or paging someone in another office is as easy as calling someone in your office.

Make changes on the fly

Our easy-to-use website lets you and your employees quickly make changes, such as adding features and phone lines, whenever and wherever you want.

A virtual phone system within your reach & your budget

Your multisite firm can upgrade to an enterprise-level phone system with NO capital investment for new equipment, expensive maintenance contracts, or hidden charges.

Centralized administration

No need for multiple on-site IT departments – OfficeSuite® is better than a virtual PBX because phone systems at multiple locations can be managed with one centralized website.

Instant staff mobility

When you wish, calls can ring in the office and on a cell phone simultaneously. With our online fax, you can even send and receive faxes right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Any desk is your desk

Staff can move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and  use any virtual office phone like it is their own—same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail.

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