Medium Business

As a medium-sized business, you are faced with the challenge of maintaining seamless and professional communication across all your sites, while still managing costs.

That’s why you need an all-inclusive solution that unifies all your communications in the cloud. Get everything you need—complete phone system, hundreds of features, online fax service*, unlimited nationwide calling*, high-quality phones and an administration website so you can make updates and changes anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

  • A Phone System Within Your Reach

    Your medium-sized business can upgrade to an enterprise-level phone system with NO capital investment for new equipment, expensive maintenance contracts, or hidden charges.

  • Seamless Communications

    Remote workers use the same extension and voicemail as their office IP phone, and can transfer calls to the auto attendant, maintaining seamless and professional communications.

  • One Phone System For Your Entire Company

    Enjoy the same features and the same 3 or 4-digit dialing at each of your sites, so that calling someone in another office is as easy as calling someone in your office.

  • Centralized Administration

    Unlike other small business telephone systems, with OfficeSuite’s reliable VoIP technology there is no need for multiple on-site IT departments – the whole office phone system can be managed with one centralized website.

  • Increase Flexibility For Your Medium-Sized Business

    Employees can move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and use any office phone like it is their own – same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail.

  • Improve Productivity

    Our call center services option enables your medium-sized business to service more customers in a more professional way.

  • Predictable Expenses For Better Planning

    Get predictable expenses and best-in-class billing tools that help you better plan for the future.

  • Reliable Service That’s Guaranteed

    Our reliable service comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Includes Online Fax Service

    The ability to fax anytime, anywhere, any device is included with OfficeSuite*.

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