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Chicago Hosted VoIP
Tools you can use to manage your work day.
It is a quiet morning in your office and your schedule has been cleared of distractions. A freshly brewed cup of coffee sits on your desk and you are ready to tackle a major project. You are just getting into a groove-there is data ready for analysis, the first half of a report is written, and you have just visualized the solution to a difficult problem-when your phone rings.
It takes an average of 15 minutes to recover from every interruption to your work process. Time is money. When you are working on a major project or problem solving, the only interruptions you can afford are those that are urgent and/or important
How can you use technology to control the inquiries that are currently disrupting your workflow?

Hosted VoIP Benefits at a Glance

  • Lower Startup Costs and Monthly Savings.
  • No PBX equipment to buy or lease. No maintenance contracts or fees for account changes. All you need are IP phones and a voice gateway connected to your modem or router.
  • Work Smarter with Advanced Features.
  • Flexible features save time and improve communication with customers and colleagues. Easy-to-use features include: Hosted Voice Mobile for mobile and virtual workers, Visual Voicemail, Find Me / Follow Me, and many more.
  • Experience Voice Quality.
  • Because we have full control over our network, we are able to prioritize voice from end to end. That means that—unlike other providers—we can provide true Quality of Service (QoS). Plus, our new HD Voice ensures crystal-clear call quality.
  • Enjoy Simplified Implementation with Dedicated Project Management.

To get your Hosted Voice service up and running smoothly and quickly, we assign  a Voice Project Manager. This dedicated resource serves as your single point of contact throughout your Hosted Voice implementation.

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